10 stories for Flaska's 10th birthday :: Flaska Polska


10 stories for Flaska's 10th birthday



  • Humble beginning – big dreamsThe way how we started is known to approximately 70 people. That is how many we included in our initial focus group, which consisted of our friends and relatives. We handed them a water bottle, explained the story and asked for feedback. We got a wide pallet of responses. Some were enthusiastic about the idea, some a bit reserved, while a handful kindly suggested for us to rather invest our energy and resources into something else. We were brave enough to follow our gut feeling and went for it – the Flaska was born.
  • Our placeYou'll find us in a village called Zgoša. Our company has its home on an operating farm, which is traditionally called Pr'Čufank. The Čufanks were renowned blacksmiths throughout history and a forge is still part of the farm nowadays. Rika the dog and Tačka the cat keep us a good company.
  • D-man Maks is the CEO, owner and the father of Flaska. He was inspired for it while being a professional strawberry grower, where he was constantly working on improving the water, he was watering the plants with. Not many people know that he was a police officer before he took up strawberry growing. He is a man of many talents. Browsing through shelves in a library you can easily stumble upon his mountain biking guidebook or a handbook “Marketing on a farm”. He can teach you how to ski, snowboard or sail a boat.
  • If Flaska was a personFlaska is a youthful energetic woman, radiating self-awareness. She leads a responsible life towards her social and natural environment and treats nature, herself and other living beings with respect, love and gratitude. Flaska takes care of her health through active lifestyle and enjoys delicious food. She always takes time for her loved ones and helps them when they need her. Is there anyone who wouldn't date her?
  • Distributors meetingsWe have wonderful partners in many countries around the world. Since 2015 we organize distributor's meetings every second year. The first time we took them sailing to the Adriatic Sea, while we spent a wonderful time in Slovenian mountains the second and third time. At the meeting, we do tons of various activities, workshops and lectures. Where should we take our partners in 2021?
  • The Flaska TeamWe are eight people strong. Maks runs the company with the assistance of Dorca, Andreja oversees the books and finances, while Urša's job is to make customers happy. Your Flaska was packed by Jerneja, but before that, it went through the hands of Jure who manages the production. Anže and another Jure handle sales and marketing.  
  • WhereaboutsIn ten years over 400.000 Flaskas found their new home and happy users in nearly 70 countries around the globe. We sent them to remote places like Kamchatka, New Caledonia, many of them enjoy in Mauritius. It is believed that there aren’t any Flaskas in Vanuatu…. yet. Do you know anyone living there who’d like to get one?
  • Message in the bottleIn September 2015 we took our distributors sailing to the Adriatic Sea. Somewhere between the islands of Pašman and Dugi Otok we cast-out a Flaska bottle into the sea. This Flaska is special as it holds a message in the bottle with a promise of a reward for a lucky finder, written in six languages. After five years we still haven't heard from anyone. We hope it is still floating for someone to find it…
  • 250:25Our Spanish distributors Klavdija and Luis started their market entry with Flaska in 2012 on the Biocultura trade fair in Madrid. Flaska was the hit of the show. Over the course of three days, they sold more than 250 Flaskas and from that time on their numbers were climbing. On the other hand, we took part at the Organica show in Zagreb where we managed to sell only 25 Flaskas in four days ☹. Failures are a part of life as well.
  • Flaska Retro RevivalFor the occasion of 10th Flaska birthday, we brought back to life the three very first designs of Flaskas from 2010. Back then they were still made of cotton, but for the revival, we upgraded them to neoprene. This is a very limited edition as we produced only 10 in each design. Does anyone still have the original?


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